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Understanding Classic Car Insurance

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to own a classic car, you know that it’s more than just a vehicle, or a way to get from point A to point B. Your Mercedes or Jaguar or Stingray Corvette is a collector’s item and a source of pride, not an aluminum body on four wheels. That means it should be protected with a classic car insurance policy, not just any old auto insurance package.

How is a collector car insurance policy different than a regular auto insurance policy? For starters, the owner of a classic car must prove that his or her car is a true collector’s item. That means that it cannot be used as a primary means of transportation, and that it must be recognized as being able to appreciate in value, rather than depreciate like most cars. Certain policies also require that you keep the car in good working condition and ensure that it is stored safely when it’s not being used.

The other main difference between antique car insurance and regular car insurance is an exciting one: the price! So how much is classic car insurance? Premiums can be up to 40% lower, mainly because insurers recognize that these cars function differently than normal everyday cars. They’re not being taken out of the garage as much, so they aren’t being exposed to potential accidents and dangerous situations nearly as often. The average classic car insurance quote will reflect this reality, and will also reward drivers who use their cars less, have better driving records and participate more in ‘parked’ shows than road rallies or other driving events.

Classic auto insurance is important because of the high value of many classic cars, particularly when compared to the typical Hondas, Nissans or Volvos that grace the roads. That’s why most policies are based on guaranteed, or agreed, value rather than actual cash value, or stated value, like other regular auto policies. Classic car insurance companies guarantee the stated value of the car in the event of a total covered loss, which can really help classic car owners shrug off an expensive accident, equipment malfunction or modified part failure.

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